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Jane Marple at St. Mary Mead

Jane Marple / Jane Marple Dans Le Salon
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This is a community to discuss and spread the word about the Japanese fashion brand Jane Marple / Jane Marple Dans Le Salon headed by designer Murano Megumi and produced by the company St. Mary Mead, Ltd. Any topic related to Jane Marple is welcomed! Also, feel free to discuss Japanese youth and street fashion from the 1970s to 1990s and other brands like MILK, Maid Lane Revue, Pink House, and Wonderful World.

Murano Megumi is heavily influenced by many themes in her fashion designs including British themes such as the union jack, tartan, and crowns as well as fairy tales, flowers, and fruits. Jane Marple was established in 1985 after Murano left MILK (the designer for Shirley Temple also previously designed for MILK). After opening her first shop in 1989, Murano went on to create another label, Jane Marple Dans Le Salon, in 1994 focusing on more mature designs.

Sales posts are welcomed, but must be only for Jane Marple brand items, placed under a cut, and posted only once to the community.

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